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The Climate School – equipping teams for a sustainable future

The Climate School, powered by Kite Insights, is a sustainability education programme that equips employees with the knowledge, motivation and tools to transform organisations for a climate-friendly future – no matter what industry you’re in or where you are in the world.

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Transform your organisation and reach your climate goals

The necessity for organisations to make a sustainable shift has never been more urgent. Every job will be a climate job and employees want to see their employers taking stronger climate action.

Future climate champions exist in every company today. Businesses that rapidly upskill their talent to power the green transformation will thrive. 

“21% of employees said that they had considered changing jobs in order to work more closely on climate-related issues...”

Upskill employees and improve staff retention

Climate change education empowers employees and provides new skills and knowledge to work more confidently across all areas of their role. Personal development opportunities that include specific action on climate change are increasingly sought out by employees when choosing where to work and develop in their careers.

Evidence has shown that having environmental goals for a business leads to improved:

  • Employee engagement: 70% of employees are interested in training related to climate action at work.
  • Job satisfaction: 61% of employees feel company climate action is important to their job satisfaction.
  • Staff retention: 15% have considered changing jobs in order to work more closely on climate-related issues.

Setting up your business for the upcoming change now means reaping rewards in the future.

The Climate School’s unique programmes

Our corporate sustainability education combines new learning methods with the very best climate content available. Organisations receive access to the latest data, information and tools needed by employees to find solutions and innovate. 

Video-based e-learning, featuring experts, scientists and engaging presenters, such as Sophia Cheng (pictured).

Lessons sorted into bite-sized playlists for users to work through at their own pace.

A range of complementary live and virtual workshops, webinars and masterclasses.

Climate School Partners

Creating and curating – with partners – some of the best content and learning experiences around climate and sustainability.

Alongside learning, we also provide live sessions to work with your teams through:

  • Virtual workshops 
  • Webinars
  • Virtual masterclasses

The Climate School learning model is flexible to suit your team, allowing organisations to start their journey at the point that suits them.

Recent client testimonials

Still not sure if working with the Climate School is right for your business? Don’t just take our word for it.

“The e-learning has provided us with a great foundation and we’re excited to explore with the Climate School how we can support our employees to go further and deeper.”

Charisse Cruz, Global ESG Upskilling Manager at PWC

“With employees motivated and ready to act, we can accelerate our ambition and our journey as an impact company and meet the challenge of the climate crisis.”

Xavier Denoly, SVP Sustainable Development at Schneider Electric

“The Climate Action Readiness Assessment gave us a much deeper understanding of our employee base. It’s helped us appreciate where our employees are at and what must be done next to unlock potential and drive progress in their learning.”

Eve Joseph, Sustainability Customer Lead at Microsoft

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