thoughtful action.

Our work draws on the expertise of companies, their connection to social and environmental issues and their ability to act on them. It falls into 3 categories: content, curation and coalition


Research-based insights and storytelling.

Issue mapping and positioning

What’s your issue footprint? What mark do you want to leave on the world? Based on an initial assessment of who you are, what you do, and your purpose and values – we help you explore a credible stance on an issue that matters to you. We map the context in which this issue lives (what we call ‘the state of the debate’) and consider the ways in which your unique perspective can add to its ecosystem.

Studies and surveys

Surveys and studies provide a strong basis for effective and credible action. Our offering is complete; from design and deployment, to rigorous analysis and integration of results into our clients’ business and communication strategies. We merge their internal expertise with our own to articulate key hypotheses which we then test with precision and creativity.

Articles and blog posts

We are a community of storytellers. We believe that thoughtful content should evoke emotion and provoke action. We infuse high-level concepts and issues with human stories, and project their relevance on a global scale.

Assessment tools and frameworks

How do we know if we are ready to set goals? Or if we are on track to reach them? We design frameworks and diagnostic tools for companies to assess and track their progress towards critical social and environmental goals. These can be leveraged to determine next steps for the strategy, implementation and communication of key projects.

Content strategies

Content strategies go far beyond the initial phase of identifying the issues that matter most to you. They create the conditions for your company to take a stand: by questioning how you can develop an impact-conscious culture that values social and environmental insights and practises the message it preaches in its published content.


Live and virtual formats, novel angles & extraordinary contributors.

Event programming

We curate large-scale conferences – live and virtual – with high-level speakers and audiences, applying innovative formats to contemporary issues. Our programming ranges from panel discussions to fireside chats (see the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society’s Global Meeting); from stand-alone events to multi-event series spanning geographies and industries (see our New York Times Climate Solutions series on the intersection of climate and health, which convened in New York for Climate Week 2019, Delhi for the India Economic Forum and which culminated in Davos at the World Economic Forum in January 2020).

Roundtables & workshops

Complex issues require thoughtful solutions, which, we believe, are born in dynamic environments. So, we curate hands-on discussions with a variety of stakeholders to facilitate creative explorations of social and environmental issues. For the New York Times and the Wellcome Trust, for example, we curated a workshop in which senior leaders had to pitch climate solutions to members of a ‘hypothetical billion-dollar fund’.


There’s two sides to every issue, and we want you to hear both. As the content partner for the New York Times, we curate thought-provoking debates to engage audiences on multidimensional and trending issues. Having been called a highlight by many World Economic Forum attendees, our debates convene brilliant minds from a cross-section of industries and experiences, and have become an extremely successful way of engaging both internal and external stakeholders. 

Some of our recent motions have been: 

  • This house believes that Big Tech cannot be trusted to self regulate 
  • This house believes that government not business should be primarily responsible for ending sexual harassment in the workplace
  • This house believes that “the discussion around the #MeToo movement has worsened the divide between men and women.

Immersive experiences

Some things must be experienced to be understood. We curate immersive experiences that transport participants into new ways of thinking, feeling and acting upon the topic at hand.


Brave & purposeful collaboration.

Intersectional issues

We specialise in the creation and management of multi-issue coalitions that operate at the nexus of social, economic and environmental challenges. These coalitions of diverse voices, interests and expertise provide powerful platforms for innovative and long-term solutions.

Unexpected partnerships

It is through brave and urgency-driven partnerships that we will be able to address some of the greatest challenges we face as a society, and as a planet. The scale and transformational potential of these challenges require a radical shift in mindset, prioritising long-term development, self-sustaining solutions and transparent cross-sector collaboration.